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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Superior quality
  • Save energy
  • Save labor
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Good price

Product Details

Product use and characteristics:

1. The leather inspection machine is used in leather, shoemaking, leather bag processing and automobile interior decoration enterprises.

2. The hidden defects such as scars, trachoma, vascular lines, pockmarks and wrinkles of the leather materials can be easily and quickly detected.

3. Mark here so that leather materials to be cut can be avoided flexibly, and hidden defective leather materials will not be processed into products, so as to avoid replenishment.

4. The defects on the leather surface are exposed on the curved surface where the leather is tensioned and opened, which is convenient for the inspection of workers, improves the inspection effect, reduces the work intensity and greatly improves the inspection efficiency.

5. The products made are more perfect and have a higher qualification rate, which saves time, leather, labor and money.

Operational requirements:

1. In the case of epithelia: pay attention to the clamping of upper and lower pressure rollers, and there is a sign of clamping at the corresponding dangerous place of the machine.

2. During installation: the grounding protection wire must be well connected to prevent electric leakage.

3. When the leather material tightened in the work needs to be relaxed: it is not allowed to press the upper and lower pressing rollers directly to relax, first click the release button.

Maintenance of the machine:

1. Keep the machine clean, pay attention to camber, up and down roller, etc.

2. Regularly check the lubricating oil of the three connected gas channels in the left box of the machine to maintain the proper oil level.

3. Grease the bearing regularly to facilitate the operation of the machine.

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